Tragedy struck a nursing home in Florida after everyone thought that the worst was over after Hurricane Irma passed through the state. According to the latest from CBS News, 8 senior residents of the Rehabilitation Center in Hollywood Hills, have been confirmed dead.

Although the cause of the deaths is still under investigation, sources say that the tragedy could have been as a result of heat related problems, after a prolonged loss of electricity and failure of the nursing home's alternative power source.


Hollywood Police Chief Tomas Sanchez said that the authorities were investigating the deaths and looking at every possibility, adding that nothing would be ruled out, including a criminal angle to the investigation.

In a statement, the Rehabilitation Center Nursing Home said that as result of prolonged power failure due to Hurricane Irma, the home's transformer, which powered the air conditioning system broke down.

Florida Governor Rick Scott said in a statement that he would aggressively pursue answers on how such a tragedy happened. He also said that if the nursing facility was found to be at fault, it would face the full extent of the law. Speaking to the press after the incident, Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy expressed his disappointment at how a tragedy of such magnitude could have happened. Levy also noted that emergency services were called in too late.


All the patients from the nursing home were evacuated to hospitals according to officials.

Some were treated for dehydration, heat-related ailments, and respiratory distress. City officials confirmed that three of the senior citizens died at the nursing home, while another five succumbed to complications after being evacuated to Memorial Regional Hospital, which is located just a short distance away. As a precaution, police also evacuated another 18 patients who were in an adjacent health facility, and are checking on the other 42 nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the Hollywood area.


In 2014 and 2016, the Rehabilitation Center Nursing Home had two violations and citations, for not following generator regulations. In both instances, however, the nursing home corrected the issues that posed a problem. Florida is home to 683 nursing homes with a bed capacity of 84,000, and 3,100 assisted living facilities with a bed occupancy capability of 99,000. The Florida Health Care Association which is an umbrella body for Florida nursing homes, said in a statement, that almost 150 nursing homes still did not have their full power restored.