It's been less than a week since Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida, devastating much of the southern and central part of the state while leaving millions without power and water. After visiting the state with her husband, First Lady Melania Trump posted a video of her trip on social media that was quickly ridiculed by critics.

Melania on Irma

It was just last month when Hurricane Harvey ripped through Texas, hitting the city of Houston worst of all. The Category 4 storm had winds that reached close to 130 mph, resulting in dozens of deaths, with thousands leaving their homes for safer grounds.

Just a week later and Hurricane Irma made its way to the Caribbean with its sights set on Florida. Despite bracing for the storm in question, the Category 5 hurricane hit south Florida, while doing the most damage in Miami and other nearby cities. After a week, millions are still without power and water, with others having no home to even go back to. In the aftermath, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited the Sun Shine State in attempt to avoid the backlash and criticism they received while taking a trip to Texas after Hurricane Harvey. On September 15, Melania posted a video of her stop in Florida while offering her best wishes to those impacted by the storm.

Taking to her Twitter account Friday was Melania Trump who brought attention to the work her and her husband did in Florida after Hurricane Irma.

"We are with you Florida," Melania tweeted out, while attaching a video in the process. The video clip shows Donald Trump and Melania meeting hurricane survivors while handing out food to those in need.

Twitter responds

Not long after sending out her tweet, Melania Trump was met with backlash from those who oppose Donald Trump and the current administration.

"Melania is the worst FLOTUS ever! So useless!" one tweet read.

"The climate is already changing.

We need to be in the Paris Agreement. America has become a joke in the eyes of the world," another Twitter user added. "How about doing something meaningful? Like getting 45 to step down," another tweet added. "I'd like your posts more if I knew it was actually you doing them and not staff," an additional social media user noted.

"Oh please you have let women every where down," another tweet added. As the negative reaction continued to pour in, it was made clear that the rift between the political left and right was far from over.