Former Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton criticized women who support Donald Trump over the weekend, and accused them of disrespecting themselves. During an interview on Saturday on MSNBC, Mrs. Clinton stated that Trump's performance as president is worse than she had expected. According to the Daily Mail, she also expressed her surprise at the number of women who support the Republican, given his history of controversial remarks including the "grab them by the p####" comments that came out during last year's presidential race.

Female Trump supporters are promoting sexism against themselves

Speaking to the MSNBC host Joy Reid, the former 2016 presidential hopeful said that whenever she sees women express their support for Trump. She fears that they could be making it possible for someone to say such sexist things to them in their workplace. She was responding to Ms. Reid's questions about women who attend Trump's political rallies donning t-shirts that use expletives directed at her. Queried on Trump supporters who chant "lock her up" in reference to controversial emails during her time as the US Secretary of State, Clinton admitted that she finds the sentiments "troubling." The Democrat said that she tries to shrug off the negativity towards her because getting called names is not a pleasant experience.

She also criticized the insults women are put through on social media whenever they try to express an opinion.

Trump is not fit to be President

Donald Trump's supporters chanted "lock her up" on Friday during his speech at a rally to drum up support for Luther Strange, who is eyeing the Alabama Senate seat. In his typical controversial fashion, Trump egged on the crowd, asking them to talk to Attorney General Jeff Sessions about their desire to see Mrs.

Clinton behind bars. Despite the immense hatred that many conservative supporters have towards her, the former United States First Lady has been vocal in her criticism of Trump. During the interview, Clinton said that she has grave concerns about Trump's preparation for the presidency. She also expressed doubt that the businessman has the required temperament and character to occupy the oval office, saying that his performance has been worse than she expected.

According to the politician, the person in the Oval Office is supposed to make the American public cares for everybody, something that the office's current occupant has not done.

Hillary Clinton is currently engaged in promoting her new book, "What Happened." The book chronicles what she went through during her failed 2016 presidential bid.