Hillary Clinton insisted losing against Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential elections was not due to her irresponsibility, but because of certain persons who "dumped" her a couple of weeks before the elections. The Democratic Party's nominee was referring to James Comey, former FBI director, who reportedly initiated to reopen the investigation regarding Clinton's private emails.

Hillary's blame game

The losing presidential candidate added her ratings went down after Comey submitted a letter to the Congress regarding the controversy just ten days before the November 6 elections.

Even before the Americans cast their votes for the next US leader, Clinton knew Comey's stance would have a bad effect on her standing.

Hillary, in a speech before her donors, said she was leading against Trump until the then-FBI director brought up her email controversy. She even added Comey's "groundless, baseless" inquiry has "stopped [their] momentum" in the presidential race.

Although she acknowledged the fact that it was wrong for her to use a private email server during her term as the secretary of the #United States, Clinton accused the media of adding fuel to the fire.

'They covered it like it was Pearl Harbor'

The 69-year-old politician specifically mentioned The New York Times for its coverage of the issue.

It was in March 2015 when Clinton's email controversy was made public. The said publication, among others, ran the story, asking whether the former US secretary violated federal rules for using a separate email account to conduct official transactions.

It was revealed in the article that Clinton did not use a government email address during her four-year service as the US secretary.

Officials from the National Archives and Records Administration said the female politician committed a serious offense when she used her private email account for government-related discussions.

The New York Times even interviewed several sources, including Clinton's spokesman, to provide a thorough explanation of the former state secretary's email controversy.

Nick Merrill countered Hillary's critics and said she has been following the "letter and spirit" of the federal requirements.

But according to the federal law, letters and emails sent and received by federal officials should be recorded for future use. Hence, Clinton's use of a private email account is considered a clear violation of the rules.