Many think that President Donald Trump has caused a White House meltdown. The Trump administration has already lost three communications directors, a chief strategist (Steve Bannon), a press secretary (Sean Spicer), and a chief of staff (Reince Priebus). Now, President Trump might lose a longtime aide, Keith Schiller.

President Trump’s muscle man

In the late 90’s, Keith Schiller served Donald Trump as his bodyguard. And since 2005, Schiller worked as Mr Trump’s chief of security. But now, Schiller plans to leave the US president’s side, CNN reported.

However, this news was denied by the White House.

While on duty, Schiller hardly leaves the side of President Trump. He has his own small but decent office that is situated next to the Oval Office where meetings with the US president would always take place. Schiller always gives more personal attention with his Secret Service protection. So when John Kelly became chief of staff and restricted access to the president, this put Schiller in a predicament.

Schiller’s reason for resigning

CNN reports that Schiller informed his close associates in the White House that the main reason he was quitting the job was financial. His current pay as Trump’s aide is only $165,000. This is significantly a small amount compared to what he earned at The Trump Organization in the previous year.

His salary before was $294,000.

Being the Oval Office Operations director, Schiller earns almost as much as the chief of staff and the White House press secretary. But this salary, as some would say, is still a pittance. Salaries in the executive branch entirely depend on the job rank.

The exit of Keith Schiller from the White House in the coming weeks follows Bannon’s recent departure.

President Donald Trump will again lose another trusted aide in a chaotic White House. For almost twenty years now, Keith Schiller did not leave Mr. Trump’s side even before he became president.

It's John Kelly and his restrictions

The relatively ‘low salary’ as Trump’s aide may not actually be the real reason why Keith Schiller would quit his job.

According to a CNN report, the 6'4'' longtime aide got frustrated with John Kelly’s new system. The chief of staff has restricted access to the US president. Even Schiller himself has to phone the White House switchboard just to reach President Trump.

With Schiller’ potential exit, President Trump will be left with two close aides Dan Scavino (the White House social media director) and Hope Hicks (communications director). Is this an indication of a White House meltdown?