Recently, Northrop Grumman is planning to purchase Orbital Atk for $7.8 billion to expand its missile and space businesses and strengthen the defense of the United States of America against a possible North Korean missile strike. The leader of North Korean regime, Kim Jong-un, has been threatening the United States for quite some time. The US is against North Korean nuclear program and it has asked the regime to give up its intention to develop a nuclear weapon and the Orbital ATK can help subdue North Korean missile threats.

Orbital to strengthen America’s defense ability

North Korea has already been testing its ICBMs, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead which is indeed a threat to the Western coast of America. Korea has threatened America of dire consequences if it attacks the regime. Orbital is a rocket company which is going through the final phases of testing solid rocket boosters having a broad range. It can boost the US defense system against any missile threat. Moreover, the defense ability of America is already very strong and with the merger of Northrop Grumman and Orbital ATK, it will further strengthen.

Merger of both the companies

Although, North Korea is rapidly progressing in its nuclear and missile program but it is still far behind America’s military might.

With merger of both these companies, the US will be in a better position to protect its allies, Japan and South Korea, against any North Korean missile threat. Most recently, North Korea fired a missile over Japan. Though the missile landed a few miles off the Japanese coast, but it is a very serious threat. In addition, North Korea has also been threatening Guam of imminent strikes in case US attacks.

Orbital ATK vs North Grumman

Since Orbital ATK is global defense technologies company, it has the aviation systems, launch vehicles, missile products and precision weapons to subdue North Korean missile threat. It also has advanced aerospace structures to boost the defense of America and its allies.

On the other hand, North Grumman is a defense technology and global aerospace company in America.

It is a well renowned security company which is capable of producing solutions and products in autonomous system, surveillance and intelligence.

The merger of both companies can provide America with strong operational performance and further strengthen the US defense system.