As the landfall of Hurricane Irma is expected in Florida, there is a buildup of tension and anxiety among residents. Florida residents are already in the midst of an energy crisis as most Gas Stations in the state have become crisis points.

Texas was ripped by Hurricane Harvey in recent weeks, and this led to the closure of refineries in the state. The pipeline from Texas that supplies the state of Florida has been largely hampered by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Many gas stations are already out of supplies across Florida. While there are terminals that hold large gas stocks, operators are reluctant to ship out what is left in there as Hurricane Irma lurks.

Hurricane Irma has cut into the supply of gasoline to Florida and has put residents in peril as the state has no refinery within its shores. Supplies to gas stations are made possible by trucks, barges and the network of pipelines that straddle the state.

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, gas stations were affected, and it led to a shut-in of about 20 percent of America’s gasoline production and distribution capacity. The immediate effect was the shrinking of the 1 million barrels of fuel distributed per day from the Colonial Pipeline, which is the leading supply network in America. Hurricane Irma has been devastating in the Caribbean, and the effect on Florida might be no less.

Anxiety arising from Hurricane Irma threats among gasoline consumers in Florida led to a run on gas stations, leading to supply shortages in the midst of the reduction in piped gasoline from Texas. The loading time for trucks at Port Everglades, which supplies southern Florida increased to three hours as the demand stampede loomed.

Several gas stations are out of supply with the scarcity rate put at 42 percent in the suburbs of Florida. Part of the challenge faced by trucks is the mammoth traffic building up along exit points as residents rush out of town to safe points beyond Hurricane Irma's threats.

Hurricane Irma has been rated as a Category 5 storm that has a speed rate that exceeds 185 miles-per-hour.

Already, the officials of the government of Florida are urging residents to evacuate and seek shelter in safe centers. While gas stations remain crowded, crisis management teams are out to stem the chaos.

Rising up to the challenges

As residents stock up on their supply of water, groceries, and gasoline, Florida state officials are stepping up to the shortage of fuel. The present supply strategy is making sure that supplies to gas stations are made every hour to beat back the effects of the looming landfall by Hurricane Irma.

In the metropolitan area of Florida, there are 1,500 gas stations that were already out of fuel as on Thursday morning. Bridging efforts have also been directed to stem the shortages with supplies already coming in from San Antonio. Hurricane Irma night is not here yet, but the effects are already striking.