The North Korean president, Kim Jong-un has raised the ante in a new anti-Trump tirade which was released on Friday, the Washington Post reported. He decided to use invectives when describing the U.S President by calling him a frightened dog. The statement was signed personally by Kim.

A fresh buildup of tension

The North Korean foreign minister issued a statement earlier on, which caused raised several eyebrows to be raised. The statement which was issued in New York revealed that testing of a massive hydrogen bomb in the Pacific seas was in the offing.The buildup to the anti-Trump tirade was supported by this inflammatory statement.

The earlier statement by Kim Jong-un was enough to raise concerns in several quarters. However, the dictator’s anger stemmed from Mr. Trump's earlier address at the UN General Assembly [VIDEO], which contained threats to annihilate North Korea. The North Korean strongman took the threat as a personal insult and resolved to fire his anti-Trump tirade.

Analysts have now read between the lines to surmise that Jong-un would have authorized that level of a fire-raising statement for the North Korean Minister. Whether the North Koreans are rabble-rousing or not is not especially clear at the moment. This is in view of the fact that many analysts are skeptical of claims of the technological prowess to launch a nuclear weapon of such magnitude. Many people around the globe will pay more attention now that Kim Jong-un has added an anti-Trump slant to his vituperation.

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The North Korean ensuing standoff

In August, the North Korean army fired a ballistic missile over the Japanese island of Hokkaido, in a move that rattled the markets. Officials from the intelligence community asserted after the missile tests that Chicago was within striking distance of such weapons.The anti-Trump focus of the unpopular leader's brickbats were yet to emerge at that stage.

The U.S reacted to the earlier provocation by sending troops and jet fighters to conduct a show of force in the Japanese Isles. That action has not deterred North Korea from acting aloof. Mr. Trump referred to the North Korean leader as a maniac and a madman, when he reviewed the dictator’s actions. The anti-Trump tirade ensued afterward.

Misplaced tirades?

Analysts are wondering what Kin-Jong-un seeks to achieve with his anti-Trump tirades directed at the U.S president. While some see it as a show of bravado by the North Korean leader, others view it as the reaction of a leader who feels threatened.

The rest of the world can only wait with bated breath for a dousing of the war of words between both leaders. While the North Korean leader cannot be trusted to be rational in his decisions, his anti-Trump comments heighten the standoff. The expectation will be that it does not go beyond rhetoric as the world economy will no doubt take a dip if hostilities break out.