People are asking where Ex-president Obama is. Barack Obama has kept quiet since leaving office. The former POTUS deserves a break, after eight years of tirelessly working hard to make America great. Many remember him as an expert on constitutional law. Most Americans have not forgotten the day he got up and sang “Amazing Grace” after the tragedy in Charleston and when he cried in public after Sandy Hook. The world is probably not hearing from him as it used to when he was president, but news about Obama has started surfacing, the most recent one being the cost of his allowances as a former president of United States.

Obama will be receiving over a million dollars in benefits every year from 2018

According to the Washington Times, the first black commander-in-chief of the US will become the most expensive ex-president, beating his predecessor, George W. Bush. The official allowances for the former chief executive will cost the taxpayers $1,153,000 in 2018, almost a $100,000 higher than George W Bush’s request, and nearly $200,000 more than Bill Clinton’s expected budget. Jimmy Carter is expected to get $456,000 which is half of George H.W. Bush’s $942,000.

According to Fox News reports, The Former Presidents Act became law in 1958, and provides the former presidents with benefits for the rest of their lives, after leaving office.

Each former White House occupant receives $205,700 base pension every year, but additional expenses for office allowances, staff salaries, and Secret Service protection might be addressed by the budget request they submitted to Congress. Since Truman, many presidents have found other ways to make a living after leaving office, but they still take the taxpayer-funded perks, the immediate ex-president being the latest to take them.

Obama has written three books

56-year-old Barack Obama is also a renowned writer and has three books under his name which have earned him over $10 million to his fortune. According to GO Banking Rates, the former first couple is worth $40 million and its estimated that the Obamas could make over $242 million in their post presidency.

Obama taught at the University of Chicago Law School before becoming a senator and later on, the president. He was the Nobel Peace Prize recipient of 2009, which came with a $1.4 million award. After President Donald Trump's inauguration on January 20, the family went to Palm Springs California. Perhaps Obama won’t still be heard every while, but starting next year, Americans will be paying him more. After all, the Constitution dictates that.