Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner will be sentenced today for Sexting a teenage girl over Skye in 2016. Weiner wants probation, while federal prosecutors seek a Prison sentence. "The noncustodial sentence that Weiner proposes is simply inadequate,” prosecutors stated in filing their sentencing recommendation,” according to the New York Post.

When 53-year-old Weiner reached a plea bargain with prosecutors, the disgraced, former U.S. Representative agreed not to appeal the prosecutors’ plan to put him behind bars for as much as 27 months.

The extent of Weiner’s criminal actions entails much more than swapping words with a 15-year-old high school student from North Carolina. He also transmitted obscenity to a minor, wanting the teen to engage in sexually explicit conduct using “video chat and photo,” CBS New York reported.

Lawyers claim client’s sexting a sign of ‘deep sickness’

Weiner’s lawyers claim their client has learned his lesson, asserting that his compulsive sexting is a “deep sickness,” CBS relayed. His attorneys believe that their client’s alleged “sickness” would be treated better without prison time. The lawyers contend that Weiner has made outstanding progress as a result of counseling, according to FOX 61.

After the teen girl contacted Weiner on Twitter and sent him a direct message on January 13, 2016, Weiner traded messages with the teen that fluctuated from unremarkable to provocative.

U.S prosecutors say that Weiner was aware that he was exchanging messages with a minor-age girl, even as the messages took on a suggestive tone, according to FOX. Then, the next day, he persisted communicating with the girl through Facebook Messenger service. It didn’t stop there, however. Their exchanges continued through other social networking services such as Kik, Snapchat, and Confide.

Teen getting learner’s permit at time of sexting, made age ‘clear’

The teen he was engaging in communication was in the process of obtaining her learner’s permit to drive and their messages continued in the month of February. There was no doubt that the girl was a minor, according to prosecutors.

She “made it clear” that she was 15-years-old,” FOX reported.

Despite her age, Weiner employed obscene and graphic language, asking her “to display her naked body and touch herself.” Prosecutors said Weiner also transmitted pornography to the girl.

Defense attorneys contend client not a ‘sexual predator,’ teen was ‘aggressor’

Weiner’s attorneys are steadfast in claiming that their client is not a sexual predator. His defense lawyers said Weiner had a psychosexual evaluation. Based on the outcome of the evaluation, his attorneys stated that Weiner “has no abnormal sexual interest in teenagers, according to FOX. To support their contention, defense lawyers pointed out that Weiner’s additional sexting exchanges were with adults.

To further buttress their position, Weiner’s lawyers have stated that the teen acted as the aggressor.

The defense attorneys argue that Weiner didn’t send sexually explicit communications because the girl was a minor, but sent the messages in spite of her age, according to FOX.

Prosecutors argue, however, that the pattern Weiner’s behavior demonstrates a “dangerous level of denial,” FOX noted. They stated that his lack of control merits a meaningful prison sentence – intended to serve as a deterrent to others and while advancing “respect for the law.”