Facebook’s chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg recently shared a photo showing him cuddling his newborn daughter named August. She is the second child of Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, following their first-born named Max.

The Facebook Ceo captioned the photo saying that cuddling a baby is the best thing ever. August was born last month, thereby the name that the 33-year-old Zuckerberg and 32-year-old Chan gave her.

They also wrote a special letter for August that was posted as a Facebook event on Zuckerberg's timeline. They did the same thing like what they wrote for Max from the moment she was born a few years ago.He said that they are delighted to welcome their daughter, and they want to let her know about the world they wish for her to grow up in.

In the letter for August, the CEO said that he and Chan are delighted to welcome their daughter, and they want to let her know about the world they wish for her to grow up in.

It was a long letter narrating what she should expect in this world. The letter stated that her generation now lives with a better situation than her parents’ generation. He made it a point to say that despite the negative headlines coming through each day, he believes that positive ones will win out. He shared his optimism about today's people.

Paternity leave

Today News earlier reported that Zuckerberg took two months of paternity leave to spend time with her Newborn Baby. This is the same thing he did when the family welcomed their first-born Max last November 2015.

He announced his temporary leave from the company via an official Facebook post. The CEO said that he will take a month off to be with his family, including his two children and his wife. He will also take the entire month of December off for this reason as well, the report added. He stated that he is excited to spend time with August and take Max to a lot of adventures.

August’s childhood

The recent letter posted by the couple also shared their insights about the childhood years of their new baby. The CEO wrote that their newborn will be busy as she gets older, and they hope she takes some time to smell flowers and collect the leaves in her bucket. He also recommended some books to her such as Dr.

Seuss stories.

He hopes that August will start running as many laps in the living room and outdoors, take as many naps as she can, and feel how much her parents love her. Zuckerberg also said that with his wife, they will do their best to build her a good future. He added that childhood is magical, and she just becomes a child once in her life, reminding her not to worry so much about her future.