Over the last few days, the world has witnessed terrible disasters in Texas, Antigua, Barbuda, St. Martin, and Puerto Rico. It seems flooding is happening worldwide due to excessive rainfall and hurricanes. Hurricane Irma is moving up the Leeward Islands causing flooding and destruction. The Guardian has reported that areas of St. Barts and Barbuda are under water. There are worsening fears of continued disaster even while Irma is causing havoc as Jose is said to be turning into a hurricane. Here is a look at the flooding and devastation that is happening worldwide.

Benue, Nigeria

The Nigerian government has stated that thousands have been displaced by flooding in Benue which began on August 31. The area has been experiencing constant rain for the last few days which caused the river to overflow. According to the Premium Times, Officials of the Child Protection Network and the Benue State Emergency Management Agency reported that three persons died in the recent flooding. Furthermore, the 110,000 survivors are at risk for contracting diseases. The Premium Times has also reported that the situation may worsen as the rainy season has now officially started.

As of Monday, many schools remained closed and there was also a fear of children being malnourished in the wake of this disastrous flooding.

On September 3 the waters started to recede which allowed Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency to properly assess the damages.


The authorities in Pakistan reported that 20 people were killed due to floodwaters and heavy rain in Sindh and Punjab provinces in August. Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) said in their situation report dated September 1, that about 11 of the deaths were as a result of electrocution.

The 11 persons were killed as live wires came in contact with rising flood waters. The NDMA has reported that 157 people have died and 166 have been injured in flooding since 26 June 2017. That was considered the start of this year’s monsoon in Pakistan.


On August 29 Mumbai was battered by a monsoon storm which left hospital floors submerged and cut off all access to the commuter railway.

More than 20 people were reported dead and more bodies were washing ashore as of September 4. Mumbai is accustomed to rain and in 2005 there were 700 people who did not survive the rainfall disaster. The Guardian reported that the storm in deposited 15 per cent of the city’s annual rainfall in a single day in Mumbai causing severe flooding. This was unusual, even for a place where some of the world’s largest rivers flow.

Cornwall, England

Parts of southwest England were again affected by heavy rainfall for the second time in six weeks. Rescuers were seen using small boats to rescue those affected persons. The rainfall began on September 2, prompting fire services to rescue people trapped in their vehicles.

Flash flooding in Coverack had previously affected residents this July.

While this worldwide Extreme rainfall continues scientists and researchers have weighed in on the occurrences. Scientists say that excessive rainfall will continue as the earth continues to warm, while researchers believe that poor urban infrastructure contributes to this type of flooding.