Adverse remarks by President Donald Trump on the North’s leader would finally have its grave consequences as the “Rocket Man” unveiled his sinister plan.

During a visit to New York for the UNGA, Ri Yong Ho, the foreign minister of Pyongyang, said North Korean missiles might hit the US mainland. This followed the heated exchange of words between the US president and the North’s leader. Also, this declaration of a nuclear attack on the United States followed the recent US military operations near North Korea—American bombers flew north of the demilitarized zone in a display of military force, the New York Post reported.

Ri blamed Trump for looming nuclear attack on the US mainland

According to North Korea’s foreign minister, the threats of a strong military response by the Trump administration and the latest round of tougher sanctions by the United Nations would hardly daunt Kim Jong-un’s communist regime from developing a nuclear weapon. This weapon is powerful enough to reach and destroy the United States mainland, the Guardian reported.

Moreover, Ri Yong Ho criticized the US president’s speech at the UNGA and blamed Trump for escalating the tensions on the Korean peninsula. In his “hate” speech, President Donald Trump mocked Kim Jong-un as the “Rocket Man” who is on a “suicide mission.” To this insult, Kim riposted by calling the US president a "frightened dog" and a “dotard.” And as a result to Trump’s insults to North Korea and its leadership, Kim Jong-un declared launching another nuclear missile towards the Pacific Ocean, creating panic among the Japanese people.

The most powerful Hydrogen bomb by North Korea

Kim Jong-un’s nuclear threats should not be taken lightly. He is the kind of a whimsical leader who puts his money where his mouth is. Kim’s latest threats involved North Korea’s most powerful Hydrogen bomb detonation in the Pacific Ocean, according to Ri Yong Ho.

Moreover, after Kim Jong-un officially declared the threat of an H-bomb test, American bombers were immediately given orders by the US military to fly further north near Kim Jong-un’s regime as a display of American military power, The Guardian reported.

This was the farthest location those bomber planes had flown during the 21st century. This military action was intended to let Kim Jong-un know that the United States government has an array of military options to deal with his communist regime.

'Hot heads'

The seemingly irreparable tension between the US president and the North’s leader has been increasingly strained since Donald Trump assumed office earlier this year.

And just recently, the fiery exchange of insults between the two leaders may have escalated their military rhetoric into something that is far more troublesome and fatal.