Aerosmith is canceling the remaining four tour dates of their AeroVederci tour. The band is supposed to have a concert in Curitiba, Brazil (September 27), Santiago, Chile (September 30), Rosario, Argentina (October 3) and Monterrey, Mexico (October 7). These have been postponed due to a member’s medical issue.

Aerosmith, via their official Facebook page, announced the cancellation of the tour on Tuesday, September 26. The band’s lead singer, Steven Tyler is facing a medical problem and needed to be treated. He was advised by his doctors to not travel and perform that’s why the concert is on hold until he fully recovers.

On the same day, Steven Tyler posted the announcement on his official Twitter account.

Tyler is not in a life-threatening condition

Though Steven Tyler gave no further details about his illness, he made sure to note that his life is not in danger. He just mentioned that he needed immediate care and extra rest. He promised to get back as soon as his condition is better. He felt sorry for the people in South America, who were expecting them to perform and asked for forgiveness.

The band also assured everyone that Steven Tyler is expected to fully recover. He just needs to rest and be treated before he can return to “Rock the World.”

According to Us Weekly, the four-time Grammy-winning band has been on their AeroVederci concert tour since May and recently performed on September 21 in Brazil.

From there, Steven flew back to the United States under doctor’s orders, to be examined.

America’s greatest rock in roll band

Aerosmith is composed of five members, namely Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer. The band is recognized as America’s greatest rock in roll band.

The bank was formed in 1970 when Steven Tyler fell in love with Jam Band’s sound.

Jam Band was the old band created by Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton. Tyler who previously owned Chain Reaction Band offered to collaborate with the two bands after they played a gig together in 1970.

Since then, they created not just beautiful melodies but became famous and created a long list of songs and albums.

Aerosmith is the best-selling American hard rock band with 25 gold, 18 platinum, and 12 multi-platinum albums.

The band sold more than 150 million records around the world and was recognized repeatedly in award ceremonies. The band received awards four times from Grammy, six times in American Music, and ten times in MTV Video Music Awarding ceremonies in the past.