A 2015 incident led to a woman who came forward claiming police officers searched her vagina for 11 Minutes in an attempt to find Marijuana. This happened after she was pulled over and the video, which was recorded from the dash cam of the patrol car, was released after charges against the deputies who allegedly searched her were dropped.

Attorney Sam Cammack claimed that what the sheriff’s deputies did was "rape by cop." His client and the victim in the incident was identified as Charnesia Corley. Cammack was the one who released the video that was caught by the dash cam of the officers’ patrol car, Huffington Post reported.

Deputies failed to find marijuana

Corley was 20 years old when the alleged search took place. The deputies initially searched her car but they did not find any marijuana. They then told her to remove her pants so they can conduct a body cavity search while in the parking lot where she pulled over.

The woman did not want to be searched and protested. However, according to the lawsuit filed against Harris County in 2016, Corley claimed she was forcibly thrown to the ground while she was still handcuffed. She was also pinned down and they spread her legs apart. They threatened to break her legs if she did not cooperate. After that, they started searching her vagina as they hoped to find marijuana.

One of the deputies was a female and was the one who pulled the pants of Corley down and placed her fingers inside the victim’s vagina. An unidentified person was already in custody and one of the deputies reportedly told that person that they will find something even if it means that they have to put their hands on her. There were three deputies present during the incident and two of them were charged with official oppression.

The charges against them were dropped just this month.

Cammack does not want another female to go through what his client experienced

In the video, it did not show the alleged penetration but it showed Corley on the ground for 11 minutes. Cammack said the only reason behind why he released the video was to prevent other females from enduring the same thing like what his client has gone through, Buzzfeed shared.

Corley’s charges dropped

Corley was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and resisting arrest even if there was no marijuana found inside her or in her vehicle. The charges against her were later dropped.

Corley said that she was running an errand for her mother, who was sick at that time when she got pulled over because she allegedly ran a red light. The deputies then said they smelled marijuana from the car so they searched the vehicle. Corley believes she was raped and molested by the deputies. She has filed a civil lawsuit against them.