Spain saw one of its most violent days in recent memory as many terrorist acts spread hit the country. The incidents appear to be connected and started with a terror attack in the city of Barcelona. On August 17, 2017, a van plowed into a crowd killing 13 and injuring more than 100, many of them critically. A second attack took place at the sea side resort of Cambric, and a bomb exploded in a house at Alcanar. The police are wondering whether these attacks can be linked to the Barcelona carnage. Another event that has not yet been fully investigated is the injuries sustained by two policemen who were hit by a car in Barcelona.

All these attacks have worried the International community and President Donald Trump has tweeted his support. ISIS' media wing, Amaq, said the perpetrators of the Barcelona attack were "soldiers of the Islamic State." Though the outfit has not explicitly claimed credit for the attack, but Spanish police feel that these attacks are part of a Jihadi activity. CNN has reported this news.

Barcelona attack

The attack in Barcelona is the most deadly after 2004 when two Spanish commuter trains were attacked, and over 180 were killed. After a lapse of 13 years, terrorist activity has again reared its head in Spain. The attack in Barcelona took place in the evening when the van plowed through a crowd in the Las Ramblas avenue which is a popular tourist attraction of the city.

The driver of the van escaped and is at large, and a man hunt is launched but till last reports have not been apprehended. The Prime Minister of Spain has acknowledged the attack and called it an act of Jihadi terrorism.”

The Spanish police have arrested two suspects -- one from Morocco, and another from the Spanish enclave of Melilla, but this is small consolation as the main culprit the driver is not caught.

The police are also linking the terror attack at Cambril to militants where five terrorists were killed.The casualties have been light, and only five are injured. Elsewhere in Barcelona, a car hit two police officers who sustained minor injuries, but it is not known whether this act has any relation to the Barcelona attack.

Europe and attacks

Europe is facing a spate of terror attacks whose modus operandi is similar. Fanatic terrorist’s owing allegiance to the Islamic state has been driving their trucks or vans through holiday revelers like in Nice and Berlin killing scores. Europe has to come to terms with such attacks and devise fool proof measures, but the task is difficult.