Two young women lost their lives after falling 150 feet down while climbing the Mound Hood in Oregon, reported by Fox News. Emma Place and Emily Lang were from Portland.

It was a freak accident

According to the Sheriff office of Clackamas Country, on Saturday, the dead bodies of both women were found on the Pacific Crest Trail which is six miles from the Timberline Lodge. The authorities also said that other hikers found the victims bodies on rocks at the base of a waterfall and called the police but still it is unknown what happened there, New York Times reported.

They also said that six miles hike was challenging.

Steve Rollins (rescue leader of Portland Mountain Rescue) told Oregon Live that "It looked like a Freak Accident. A really sad freak accident." He also said that the women visited the Mount Hood for camping with backpacks but it was assumed that they lost their grips while climbing the Mount Hood due to slippery surface and fell down.

Sergeant Brian Jensen (Clackamas County Sheriff) said that the rescue team reached the incident around 11:50 p.m. and found them dead. He also added that it took 90 minutes to reach the incident by the other group of workers. "We started at Timberline, went west on the Round-the-Mountain trail to Zigzag Canyon and then went down and back," he said.

The OregonLive reported that the two iPhones were found near the dead bodies of the women but they were locked,

Emma Place and Emily Lang were friends from school time

According to the OregonLive, the 19-years-old friends met each other at Laurelhurst Elementary School in 2008. They finished school together and then Place went to Gonzaga University and Emily to Western Washington University.

They graduated in 2016. Place and Lang reunited for an overnight trip to the Stratovolcano in Oregon.

The community of the Saint Mary paid tribute to the women on Tuesday night and also blessed them on the Facebook page, saying that "our prayers, blessings, and deepest condolences are with the family and friends of Emily and Emma." The principal of the academy said that both the Young Women were special and remarkable students.

The older sister of Place, Laura said that her younger sister and Lang met in the middle of the third year but their friendship started in the fourth year. She said they were best friends.

If anyone has information related to the incident then contact the Sheriff's office at 503-723-4949.