Jan Brewer aligned with the president in the past. The former governor of Arizona has made plenty of statements in support of Donald Trump and even campaigned for him during the run-up to the 2016 election. She continued her defensive campaign on Tuesday during an appearance on CNN. As many politicians begin to turn on the president for his increasingly disturbing responses to the incident in Charlottesville, Brewer stands with her man.

Brewer comes out swinging

When Brewer appeared on CNN, she was ready to go all out in her defense of Trump. She deflected questions about his controversial comments on Tuesday, citing the relentless attacks of the president as a bigger issue than his own statements.

She complimented all three speeches he has given over the past few days - the weak one from Saturday, the stronger one from Monday, and the one that seemed to set the discourse backwards on Tuesday.

She also went back to the well that Trump draws from so often, stating that the backlash was simply more jealousy over the fact that Trump won the election and Hillary Clinton did not. Eventually, her diatribe grew to be so confusing that she herself claimed to have lost her train of thought. Brewer claimed that the members of the KKK at the rally we're not good people, but seemed to refute the fact that the president said they were.

As Republicans and Democrats united against the president, Brewer came out swinging on behalf of him.

Brewer's history aligns with Trump

It should come as little surprise that Brewer finds herself in support of the president. Back when she was governor of Arizona, she was a key cog in crafting legislation that made it illegal for immigrants to walk around without their papers on them.

Trump has also shown signs of attempting to curb immigration, both legally and illegally, most infamously with his plan to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

She aligns herself with the president on several other issues too, including the fight against the Affordable Care Act. Meanwhile, she aligns with Trump's party on some issues where his stance is a little less clear, including abortion, gun rights, and same-sex marriage.

Brewer's views may have allowed her to be governor in Arizona for six years, but her defense of the president after a day of insidious remarks and justifications of white supremacy and violence came off as inappropriate and offensive, a politician at their worst.