Donald Trump is one of the most active Twitter users as far as heads of state go, and, more often than not, he says exactly what he thinks without much of a filter. However, his recent tweet about North Korea rubbed some users the wrong way, and they reported his account for threatening violence.

A strange problem

Following North Korea's threat that they were going to attack the United States territory of Guam, President Donald Trump retaliated by stating that the United States will let loose “fire and fury like the world has never seen”.

That statement had not been made on Twitter but The President took to the social media website and tweeted that 'military solutions are now fully in place'. He implied that the military will be unleashed if North Korea acted 'unwisely'. However, it has been pointed out by some Twitter users that the tweet is a violation of Twitter's Terms Of Service.

Actor Kal Penn posed the question at first. He followed up his initial tweet with a screenshot of the terms of service that clearly state that violent threats against individuals or groups of people are considered violations. Before long, hundreds of other users asked the same questions and urged the social media website to ban the president's account.

While Trump has stated that he is a 21st-century president and believes in sharing his thoughts with the people directly, this episode will alert him to the vagaries of Twitter.

Is it a violation?

According to the Washington Post, Twitter refused to comment on the matter since their company policy does not allow them to talk about specific accounts publicly.

On the other hand, it is hard to figure out whether Trump's tweets can be considered a violation of the terms of service or not. In spite of the fact that it is true that the President's tweet was a clear threat of war on North Korea, the company needs to consider the context of the tweet.

Trump's tweets are in public interest and in addition to that, his tweets simply cannot be judged in the same way as that of any other user.

The tweet in question might be disquieting but at the end of the day it is a reaction to North Korea's threats and might act as a deterrence. Last but certainly not the least, it needs to be remembered that Donald Trump is an important account for Twitter. and suspending the account of the U.S. president will send the wrong kind of signal to many other heads of state who use the platform.