On Tuesday, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump made their way to Corpus Christi, Texas as Hurricane Harvey continues to devastate part of the Lone Star State. As Trump addressed a crowd upon his arrival, he was quickly ridiculed on social media for once again bragging about the crowd size of those in attendance.

Trump in Texas

It's been just five days since Hurricane Harvey made its way to Texas, with the city of Houston being hit worst of all. Experts have labeled the hurricane the worst storm to strike the state in close to 500 years, as the storm peaked at a Category 4 with winds up to 130 mph.

In the days since the storm hit, the death toll has reached at least eight as of press time, as thousands have been forced to leave their homes behind in the hopes of saving their own lives. As expected, Donald Trump has given his thoughts during a series of Twitter posts, many of which have come under fire due to the tone he has taken in promoting what has taken place in Texas. Arriving in Corpus Christi on Tuesday, Trump appeared more ready for a campaign event than he did to survey the damage of the hurricane. As seen across social media on August 29, the reaction was not a positive one.

With his wife Melania Trump not far behind, Donald Trump spoke to a crowd of people in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

"Thank you everybody!" Trump said. "I just wanna say we love you. You are special. We are here to take care. It's going well," the president went on to say. "What a crowd!" he continued, before adding, "what a turn out!" Within minutes of the video making the rounds on cable news and the internet, Trump was quickly hit with backlash from critics.

Twitter reacts

Not long after Donald Trump celebrated the crowd size during his trip to Texas to oversee the damage of Hurricane Harvey, those who opposed his presidency spoke out.

"People are trapped and dying and he is concerned about crowd size," one tweet read.

"Totally disgusting. He's treating this as just another rally & photo-op. He lacks the mental capacity to grasp the situation at hand," an additional tweet went on to read. "They weren't victims. Supporters. Very little storm damage in Corpus Christi area," Jennifer Epstein posted.

"You're not kidding?!?!?!

Did he go on to tell them about his electoral college victory?" one tweet wondered. "Dear @realDonaldTrump - you know who ISN'T part of that YUGE turnout? The victims of #harvey who are still unaccounted for," MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle added. As the negative reaction continued, Donald Trump's actions during the hurricane once against resulted in a partisan divide in the country.