In recent days, Hurricane Harvey has devastated much of Texas, hitting the city of Houston the worst of all. After a resident became upset with a CNN reporter during a recent interview, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway attempted promote the video in question but her efforts didn't get the best response on social media.

Conway's CNN shot

On Friday night, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas in what is being described as the worst storm to hit the state in close to 500 years. At least 8 deaths have been confirmed, with thousands being displaced and forced to leave their homes in the aftermath of the destruction.

FEMA and others have rushed into the areas impacted by what has taken place, with rescue efforts underway to safe as many lives as possible, both human and animals that have been left to fend for themselves. On Tuesday, a CNN reporter spoke to a woman and her young daughter about being rescued. Within minutes the woman became upset that the reporter kept asking questions while her daughter was visibly shaken by the experience. The video was put online by the right-wing Daily Caller before Kellyanne Conway used it as a way to hit back at CNN. As seen on her Twitter feed on August 29, Conway revived heavy criticism as a result.

Taking to her Twitter account on Tuesday afternoon was Kellyanne Conway who attempted to exploit a family suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey to slam CNN.

"Watch this clip to end.Shames @CNN to get the mike out of her face, notes her kids are shivering & in need of things other than an interview," Conway tweeted, while attaching the aforementioned video clip. As many in Houston and in the surrounding area struggle to pick up the pieces and move on with their life, Conway's cheat shop at a cable news station didn't go unnoticed by critics of Donald Trump on social media.

Twitter reacts

Not long after Kellyanne Conway posted her anti-CNN tweet, social media users didn't hold back their thoughts. "Maybe she needs a MAGA hat - 45 is the biggest fraud! CNN just doing their job - interviewing those affected by Harvey..." one Twitter user wrote.

"Good thing the president didn't go to tx and divert much needed resources from the people in desperate need.

#ohwait" a follow-up tweet added. "Leave it to Kellyanne to use Hurricane Harvey as a platform to shame CNN for something FOX news is out there doing, too," another Twitter user posted.

"Maybe you should also point out the work of the many reporters literally helping to save lives," Roland Scahill noted.

"Maybe instead of going after CNN yet again, you could just see how devastating and upsetting this is for people. You sink lower & lower," one tweet wrote. The backlash continued as it was made clear that Kellyanne Conway's tweet was not well-received, especially by those who oppose Donald Trump and his administration.