U.S. President Donald Trump was criticized over his failure to condemn in strong terms the violent protest by the white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday which claimed at least one life and left several others wounded. Trump is known for his bluntness but fell short of words to name the alt-right groups who were involved in a violent rally.

A man who viciously attacked U.S. Federal Judges, journalists, Hillary Clinton and his fellow Republican party leaders could not come out with the words to lash out at those supremacists, but, preferred to blame “many sides.”

Trump’s speech lacks direction

The Republican president read out a statement about the clashes at his New Jersey golf resort, blaming the egregious show of hatred, intolerance, violence, and bigotry on many sides for the violence that erupted during the protests.

He said this type of thing has been going on for a long time in the country and that it did not start during his administration or that of Barack Obama. He added that it has no place in the country.

Fellow Republicans voiced out their anger against the president for his lack of directness and for attempting to draw moral equivalence into a rally of terror and chaos that characterized the Charlottesville rally.

Republicans’ criticism of the President

A senior Republican Senator from Utah, Orrin Hatch said evil should be called by its name and be discouraged at all times and slammed the President for not coming out plain in his address.

Senator Marco Rubio, who competed for the 2016 Republican nomination said it was important for Americans to hear their president describe the events that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia for what they really are, which is a terror attack orchestrated by white supremacists.

A former special assistant to ex-President George Bush, Scott Jennings said President Trump’s statement was not his “best effort”. He criticized the President for failing to acknowledge the events that took place in Charlottesville as racism. He also slammed Trump for failing to acknowledge the white supremacy and his failure to acknowledge those who marched on American soil with Nazi flags.

Trump failed to name the impetus behind the clashes that claimed at least one life. President Trump left the situation to an unnamed White House official, which has raised questions about his sincerity on the issue and why he failed to talk about the racists’ activity that characterized the protests.

A white house official later explained that President Trump condemned violence, bigotry, and hatred in its entirety from all sides.