US officials say there are strong indications that the White House would be granting Chinese Banks conducting business with North Korea temporary reprieve from the planned sanctions. The move is meant to give Beijing enough time to prove its commitment to enforcing the new UN sanctions against Pyongyang.

The Trump administration eases measures against China

The Trump administration has also put off the threat to impose trade restrictions against China following Beijing’s backing of the United Nations Security Council sanctions on North Korea overwhelming voted in favor on Saturday by the 15 member body including China.

However, it is not quite clear how long the White House intends to delay the action given the mounting pressure on the administration to fulfill its campaign pledges.

Washington has clearly stated its unwillingness to implement the policy, for the time being. The administration is very careful in taking steps that would offend Beijing at a time when its cooperation on reining on its ally and neighbor to abandon its nuclear weapons and missile program is highly needed.

China’s support for UN sanctions against Pyongyang

US diplomats say Washington’s threat to impose punitive sanctions on Chinese companies having trade ties with North Korea and mounting pressure by the US helped in convincing Beijing to support the new UN sanctions against the regime in Pyongyang.

The sanctions were unanimously voted by the UN Security Council on Saturday which imposed what analysts say is the toughest UN sanctions on the reclusive state. North Korea launched two intercontinental ballistic missiles in the month of July that drew widespread condemnation across the world. The moves are aimed at starved the regime of funds.

China which is Pyongyang’s main ally and trading partner has promised to implement the sanctions but critics are doubtful given Beijing’s reluctance to enforce other measures previously passed by the UN.

However, a Chinese state owned newspaper the Global Times stated on Wednesday that sanctions would not deter North Korea’s determination on its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program.

On Tuesday, President Trump warned North Korea that it will be confronted with fire and fury if it continues threatening the US. Pyongyang has earlier said it was set to teach the United States a severe lesson with its ballistic and nuclear might in response to any US strike.