There are all kinds of innovative fad diets one can opt for. Eating plans that help one lose weight quickly, gain instant popularity. The latest one involves Fasting. In other words, individuals are simply asked to be super-conscious about their eating schedule. This also involves long periods of not eating altogether. While this may sound extreme for some, nutrition experts feel that if “fasting diet” is followed in the right manner, it might actually turn out to be pretty beneficial for one’s health.

Majority of doctors are often found advising their patients to eat smaller meals at regular intervals.

While this is the traditional dietary advice that most may be aware of. On the contrary, “fasting diet” is rather non-conventional. Most hesitate by merely thinking about it, and thus, lose the courage to fulfill the principles they are expected to follow this form of diet. However, what they don’t know is that “fasting” is an activity that has been followed for over a thousand years. It is believed to be spiritually enriching for the human soul. Additionally, experts feel that there are a lot of Health Benefits that one can avail from the same.

The 5:2 diet

The latest out-branch of “fasting diet,” which is also called “5:2 diet,” is being adopted by several celebrities lately, reports The Daily Mail.

Fitness freaks are also applying the "Fasting diet" in their daily eating routine.

Improves insulin resistance

When one adapts to stricter eating timings, their lifestyle becomes a lot easier. “5:2 diet,” is especially beneficial to insulin resistant individuals, as it improves their calories intake substantially.

Establishes a routine

Under fasting, one consumes food on the basis of their hunger signals. This helps establish a routine and generally improves the individual’s lifestyle.

Enhances skin

Fasting requires complete elimination of consumption of processed food items. A fiber-rich diet will alleviate the skin’s health, making it clearer and smoother.

Better immunity

Fasting allows individuals to sustain lower body fat, which in turn has endless health outcomes. One is able to build a better immune system that is resistant to dangerous diseases that cause health problems such as cancer.

Stay in control

Regulating one’s food habits will eventually help gain better control over themselves, as it reduces stress and the feeling of anxiety.