Famous skin care company Kiehl’s recently hosted its annual motorcycle ride across the nation to raise funds and awareness on HIV and AIDS, Windy City Times reported.

The skin care brand recently launched “LifeRide,” a week-long motorcycle journey around the country that promotes Hiv And Aids awareness. The report said this year’s race started last July 31 and ended on August 7.

Kiehl’s motorcycle journey to gather funds reportedly went across Midwest south to Nashville. The “LifeRide” project of the company also made a stop at one of their stores on Michigan Avenue.

There, the company held an event hosted by executive chef Dan Snowden, with a meet-and-greet with the celebrity riders. Present during the event were Kiehl’s president Chris Salgardo and “Sex And The City” actor Gilles Marini, Windy City Times added further.

Since it started back in the mid-1980s, the company event has raised more than $1.7 million and covered more than 10,000 miles, the article noted. The funds went to amfAR Foundation for AIDS Research.

Raise awareness

HIV and AIDS have crippled individuals around the world, in terms of self-confidence and society’s prejudice. Another article on The Guardian pointed out that patients diagnosed with HIV are automatically sentenced to death.

Kiehl’s president said that they aim to break stigmas and educate people with this week-long motorcycle ride.

“Because of opioid use, the HIV rates among young adults is rising. This is insane, since there are medications available to be taken. People should get tested. This is what we are dealing with,” Salgardo noted. “People have to realize that with the presence of health care and medications, it is manageable.”

The skin care brand’s president said that if patients do not realize these, then that is the time the disease will kill them.

“Plain and simple,” he mentioned in the article.

Awareness through motorcycles

Worldwide, there are various other campaigns that groups use to raise awareness about AIDS and HIV. Kiehl’s chose to use motorcycle rides.

The machismo in motorcycle riding gets the attention of people, according to Salgardo. The way this is connected with the HIV message urges people to discuss the disease, thereby raising awareness and substantial knowledge.

“What I love about this is, you see these people on bikes and it gets other people’s attention. I’ll fly a helicopter if it will get people around to talking about the condition.”