7 News AU reported two days ago that a California Man who was living at a homeless Camping Site along Highway 20 in Willits, was arrested after authorities found his two-year-old son tied to a tree.

According to Crime Online, whose report preceded 7 News by two days, original reports indicated that the toddler had nothing but a diaper on. Authorities said the boy was exposed to hazardous items. They did not elaborate on what these items were but other reports claimed they were weapons that were reachable by the toddler. However, it is not known what kind of weapon or weapons were within the child’s reach.

Reports also state the child looked like he was in need of food and water when they found him.

How authorities found the boy

The authorities were called to visit the area several times because the owner of the property alerted them about the homeless people camping in the area illegally. Reports did not say how many times authorities visited the place but they already warned the father, identified as 27-year-old Jeffery Wilson, to pack his things and leave the camping site.

The boy was not strapped on the tree but a rope was tied around his wrist. The rope, on the other hand, was tied to a tree branch so the toddler could not move away from the tree.

Father charged

According to Oxygen, the father was charged with felony child neglect and abuse as well as possession of controlled substances.

Police did not say what kind of drugs was found on Wilson. He is no longer in custody at the Mendocino County Jail after paying his $10,000 bail.

Initially, his bail was set at $25,000. He was also charged with trespassing. It was not stated where Wilson got the money to pay for his temporary freedom.

Boy’s mother, grandmother were also told to leave the encampment

Reports said that the mother and grandmother of the boy were also told to leave the camp site in the past. Authorities did not say if the mother and grandmother were also at the site the same time as Wilson and the boy was but they were not present when the toddler was found by authorities tied to a tree.

The child is now with the Child Protective Services. It is unknown if the child's mother or grandmother will be able to gain custody of him.

Two dogs were also found in the camping site and were removed. The dogs were not confirmed to belong to Wilson. A 57-year-old woman was also listed as a victim but police did not specify what her relationships is to Wilson or the toddler.