The Secret Service said earlier this week that they have enough funds to protect President Donald Trump and his family until September but after that, they might not have the needed budget and they would have to continue protecting the First Family without getting paid. The agency also recently revealed that part of the big spending on Trump goes to Portable Toilets and golf carts.

According to The New York Post, one of the instances, when the agency had to spend a lot on portable toilets, was when Trump went on vacation in New Jersey. They reportedly spent $7,100 for these luxury portable toilets.

As for the funding being spent on golf carts, The Secret Service said they have spent nearly $60,000 on rentals for these things in an attempt to protect the president on his golf courses at Mar-a-Lago in Florida and New Jersey.

Due to big spending, some agents are no longer getting paid

Because the spending on Trump and his family has skyrocketed, hundreds of the agency's agents who are protecting the First Family are not getting paid. The Secret Service just reached federally mandated caps regarding salary and overtime pay. More than 1,000 of the agency's agents are not getting the compensation they deserve and Secret Service Director Randolph “Tex” Alles said he will fight to get them compensated.

The President has been spending almost every weekend at his properties and this has cost the Secret Service to shell out more than they have planned and prepared for, New York Daily News shared.

Secret Service wants Congress to intervene

According to The Washington Post, the agency wants the Congress to intervene in terms of the budget given to them and the federally mandated capping.

If the Congress will not lift the salary cap, a third of the agents will continue to work overtime without getting the correct payment.

The budget given to the agency was supposed to last until December but keeping up with the Trump family, who have had extensive travels due to business and vacations, has affected the budget plan greatly.

The Secret Service also had to increase the number of agents. Just this year, the agency grew by 800, and it was another factor as to why the budget is no longer sufficient for the compensation of the agents and for the protection of the First Family.

Another factor being looked at is the fact that the Secret Service protects 42 people 24/7. This includes the 18 members of Trump’s family. Melania and Barron’s stay at the Trump Tower for the first five months of Trump’s presidency also contributed to the extra costs.