A South Carolina woman wrote Suicide Notes to her estranged husband before killing herself, their two young children, and the woman she believed her husband to be involved with. She said that she hopes her husband will live with pain after their demise.

What the suicide notes contained

The South Carolina authorities have made the suicide notes public. She was identified as 36-year-old Jessica Edens and addressed one of the letters to her estranged husband, Ben Edens. She wrote that Ben caused her “more pain than I’ve ever been in in my life.” She added that Ben also caused her children pain and that she hates him.

Jessica continued, saying that she hopes Ben will one day rot “for what you have done to me and my Kids.” She said that he can no longer hurt them. She ended her suicide note by saying that she hopes he will live with guilt, pain, and shame for the rest of his life.

The incident took place last month but authorities released what the suicide notes contained just recently.

Where the notes were found

The three handwritten suicide notes were found inside Jessica’s Jeep, People reported. She was also found dead inside her vehicle, as well as her two kids -- five-year-old Harper and nine-year-old Hayden King. They all died from gunshot wounds.

The other notes were addressed to her parents and sister, and to the father of her first child.

The note addressed to her parents and sister contained an apology from Jessica for the pain she caused them resulting from the incident. She said that they have always supported her and that she loves them.

The note addressed to the father of her first child contained the name Nate. She said that Nate gave her her first child and she will be forever grateful because of that.

She also said she never meant to cause Nate this much pain. She ended her third note by apologizing to Nate.

Jessica killed husband’s lover

Jessica and Ben had been having a custody dispute over their daughter Harper. According to news.com.au, Ben and Jessica separated because he has been having an affair. Before Jessica killed herself and her kids, she also went to the home of 28-year-old Meredith Rahme, whom she believed was the lover of her husband.

She killed her using the .40 caliber handgun she stole from her parents’ house a day before.

Authorities said that Rahme and Ben were not lovers, only acquaintances. They reportedly worked together.

Police checked on Jessica and the kids the day before

The night before Jessica committed the murder-suicide, Ben called the police to check on Jessica and the kids because she kept texting him. What the texts contained has not been revealed.

Police went there and saw the kids watching a movie and eating popcorn. However, Jessica told the cops that she was going to expose Ben and the woman he was having an affair with for the past year. No reports were filed, as Jessica did not show signs of being erratic at that time.