Russia and China came to rescue Pakistan after Trump's new foreign policy. After China, Russia defends Pakistan against Donald Trump’s allegations.

Global community must acknowledge Pakistan's efforts

After China’s strong message supporting Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan and challenging the global community to acknowledge its sacrifices in the war against terrorism, Russia has sounded similar opinions following President Donald Trump’s allegations that Pakistan was allowing the safe shelters to terrorists.

Russian Presidential Envoy to Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov flung Trump’s Pakistan policy and insisted that Islamabad be "a fundamental regional member to adjust with."

First, in a phone call to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, China's head diplomat Yang Jiechi prompted the US to consider Pakistan's position in Afghanistan.

Donald Trump, in his initial address to the public as commander-in-chief on Monday, whipped Pakistan for ‘sheltering militants.'

Pakistan's defense interests must be considered

The United States must appreciate Pakistan's performance in Afghanistan and uphold its security matters, China's top representative Yang Jiechi narrated Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in a telephone call, according to Chinese national media.

China's Foreign Ministry justified its partner Pakistan earlier this week following President Donald Trump declared the United States could no longer be calm about terrorists using protected havens on Pakistani soil.

On Monday, Trump performed the United States to a continuing battle in Afghanistan, indicating he would assign more troops to America's continued war and declaring "a battle to win."

Trump asserted that others — the Afghan administration, Pakistan, India, and NATO associates — step up their dedication to fixing the sixteen-year dispute, but he saved his sharpest terms for Pakistan.

Yang, who excels China's foreign representative, told Rex Tillerson on Wednesday that China was ready to adjust with the United States on Afghanistan and execute collective efforts to realize peace and security there and in the neighborhood, according to a Chinese announcement issued late that night.

Pakistan has been battling home-grown rioters for years. It witnesses Afghanistan as a necessary diplomatic interest and a barrier against the old rival, India. Islamabad rejects securing militants, who move beyond the porous boundary with Afghanistan.