Are you tired of working long hours to make ends meet? Well, if you have the luck of Mavis Wanczyk, you won't need to work for a very long time. She won the biggest lottery in the history of the United States, the fortunate Lady has got the impressive sum of $758.7 million. Wanczyk bought the ticket at a petrol station in Chicopee, Massachusetts. She is 53 and her lucky numbers were 6,7,16,23 and 26, and 4. The fortunate lady told the reporters that she already left her job. The biggest Powerball jackpot in the U.S. history was $1.6 billion in January 2016, but this amount of money was shared by three winners.

The Massachusetts State Lottery declared that the winning ticket has already been validated.

Time to relax

Ms. Wanczyk stated that she wants to sit back and relax. She also said that she had a pipe dream...and it came true. Ms. Wanczyk told the reporters that she chose the numbers based on the birthdays of her relatives. She had been working hard for 32 years in a medical center. The lucky lady called her employers and told them that she won't be going back. The journalists asked her if she plans to buy a fancy new car but she said that she had bought one car last year and now she wants to pay it in full. One official of the lottery stated that she looks like a hard-working individual and that clearly she's excited.

The owner of the petrol station will donate money to charity

Bob Bolbuc, the owner of the Pride petrol station that sold the winning numbers, will get a prize of $50,000. This is part of the policy of the Massachusetts State Lottery. They also give money to the company that sells the winning ticket. The owner of the petrol station plans to help those in need.

He will donate the money to charity.

A huge amount of money and many winners

The jackpot payout is about $443 million, and the payment can be made in a lump sum or in part during the 29 years. Charlie McIntyre, the chairman of Powerball Product Group, stated that there were more winning tickets. Six of them won $2 million each, and these were sold in Louisiana, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Illinois, and the Virgin Islands.

There were also 34 tickets that won $1 million each. At first, the Massachusetts lottery officials stated that the winning ticket was sold in Watertown, Boston. However, the mistake was corrected later. The chances of winning this huge amount of money are extremely low, just 1 in 292.2 million.