Halting the 2020 Election is the next in a series of attempts by the Republican Party to shed light on voter fraud. The latest in a series of news reports about voter fraud has party voters raising the idea of stopping the election because it would be too difficult to complete while voter fraud is going on. Voter fraud has hung in the air like a chad, but it is not proven in any tangible way. What the Republicans want to do may be seen by many as an attempt to establish a dictatorship.

Where is voter fraud evident?

Republican voters were surveyed as part of a larger study of political views after the election of Donald, and a large swath of Republican voters believe that millions of illegal immigrants voted in the election, and they believe that voter fraud happens more often than not.

Their suspicions are not founded in any actual fact, and the stories that have come to light about voter fraud often involve those who voted for Donald Trump.

Not learning from history

Anyone who has been on social media in recent months has surely seen a number of charts and stories about how racist regimes came to power. These countries often stop their elections so that they may have a dictatorship of one kind or another, and they leave that leader installed for some time. They find a scapegoat for their current problems, and that current problem in the current political climate is voter fraud. These countries range from North Korea to Germany and Italy in the World War II era. Halting the election is dangerous, and that is why those who researched the study think it is highly unlikely.

It will not happen

There would be millions upon millions of American voters who would protest over the mere suggestion of halting the election if that is what the Trump administration were to do. To be fair, they have not raised this issue at this point. The study merely looked at what voters wanted. The voters do not make policy, but they drive a President who is on his Twitter account quite a lot.

Someone who is hoping to halt the election will likely not hear the administration bring it up, and they will scream loudly into the void.

What does this mean?

The Republican voter base is not showing any understanding of the democratic process, and they are further encouraging non-democratic governmental tactics. This survey did not ask every Republican voter in the country about voter fraud, but it tells a troubling tale about what would happen if the Republican voter base were more accurately reflected in government.