"house of cards" creator Beau Willimon has joined the call for Donald Trump to resign after his administration disbanded a federal advisory panel on climate change. On Friday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration confirmed that the agency will not renew the charter for the Advisory Committee for Sustained National Climate Assessment which expired on Sunday.

The internet calls for Trump's resignation

Since then, the screenwriter has been using #TrumpResign in his tweets and even asked his followers to do the same if they would like the POTUS to step down from his current position.

Beau Willimon even called Donald Trump "an impediment to governance" and believed that the leader is "doing damage to the country while defending bigotry."

The "House of Cards" boss even accused the U.S. president of diverting the public's attention following his controversial remarks on Charlottesville rallies.

In a separate tweet, Beau Willimon urged his social media followers to express their thoughts and call for the president's resignation.

He even reminded them to include #TrumpResign and to echo each other's sentiments. He also fired back at the president when he slammed the media for their "dishonest" reporting.

#TrumpResign trends in U.S.

Beau Willimon went on and asked Donald Trump to save himself and his constituents the embarrassment by leaving the White House.

Countless people joined the call for #TrumpResign that the hashtag even placed seventh on top trending topics in the United States. "Amazing to see all these [tweets] -- the passion of everyone who wants to see America end this chapter and move forward. Thank you," he wrote.

Before he started his #TrumpResign campaign, the "House of Cards" creator criticized the U.S.

president after he misspelled the word "heal" in a couple of tweets. Donald Trump immediately deleted his first two tries and successfully delivered the message he wanted to tell to the American people.

“At least the third time around he replaced the second ‘e’ of ‘heel’ with an ‘a’ instead of an ‘i’…which was probably his preference," he said in another post.

Merriam-Webster's Twitter team, on the other hand, provided the definitions of "heal," "heel," and "he'll" to avoid confusions.

This is not the first time Donald Trump shared misspelled words on social media. It is worth noting that he once wrote "unpresidented" instead of "unprecedented" in an old post. He was also the author of the infamous "covfefe" tweet.