A series of deadly storms which ravaged through the South and Midwest regions had a devastating effect on several regions including Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee. The storm killed at least 14 people in both South and Midwest US. The series of storms were predicted to move to Alabama on Sunday and head toward Michigan.

Storms hitting Texas

The deadly storm that hit the eastern part of the Texas consisted of four tornadoes, which killed at least four people on April 29. It affected the area by flattening houses, uprooting trees, and also destroying a car dealership in Canton, which was located around 60 miles east of Dallas.

The Rustic Barn, which was supposed to showcase a high school prom, was destroyed by the storm.

According to Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, more than 5,000 homes, and various other buildings were destroyed by the storms. Greg viewed the affected areas by helicopter and car on Sunday, April 30. According to the Canton Fire Department, one person died after his car was tossed around by the deadly tornado. According to Canton’s Mayor Lou Ann Everett, by Sunday afternoon, at least four confirmed deaths were reported, and two people were not found.

Flooding in Arkansas

In Arkansas, five people were reported to have died due to the storm, out of which one was a 10-year old girl. She died after being swept away by an overflowing river.

The other was a volunteer fire chief named Dough Deckard. He died after he was hit by a car in the thunderstorm. Two children were said to have been missing since Sunday night.

In Northern Arkansas, the storm leads to a massive flooding, blocking multiple roads. The reported deaths also included a woman who was dead in a creek in Eureka Springs.

According to reports, another woman was killed after a tree fell on her.

A 76-year old man was found dead in his vehicle, which was submerged in water. The search and rescue teams at Arkansas are looking for a 4-year-old boy along with his 18-month-old sister, who became separated from their mother.

Reported deaths in Missouri and Mississippi

In Missouri, two deaths were reported. Out of which one was a 72-year-old woman, who died after her car was swept away by the waters. As of now, no information is available on the second death. In Mississippi, there were two reported deaths, which include a 7-year-old boy that died after being electrocuted.

How are Tennessee and Oklahoma faring?

In Tennessee, a 2-year-old girl died after a heavy metal goalpost fell on her. A state of emergency was declared in Oklahoma on Saturday. More than 1,200 residents were reported with loss of power of supply on Saturday.