U.S. Vice President Mike Pence's statement differs from that of President Donald trump on the Russia sanctions. Pence made a seemingly supportive comment on the Law signed by Trump. Trump bashed lawmakers for endangering the already strained relationship with Moscow wish he aims to repair. Pence, on the other hand, said the sanctions send a strong message to Russia to change its behavior.

The U.S. Vice President made the statement during his four-day trip to Europe this week. His message contradicts that of Trump, who grudgingly signed the bill into law on Wednesday.

The President criticized legislators for clamping down on Russia with tough sanctions which limit his powers to veto.

Fear of incoherent policy by the Trump administration

During his tour to Montenegro, Georgia, and Estonia, Pence sounded a warning to Moscow to desist from its behaviors. He started that the sanctions legislation was overwhelmingly approved by Congress and send a loud message to Russia to change its unwholesome behavior.

In the contrary, Trump complained on Twitter that the sanctions legislation which he reluctantly endorsed would endanger the already fragile relationship with Russia which he pledged to amend during his campaign.

Despite the fact that some Republican leaders downplayed the differences in opinion by the duo, critics warned that such inconsistency exemplified an incoherent policy of the Trump administration that would eventually unsettle allies and collapse.

However, McFaul added that Moscow may view the uncoordinated messages as a symptom of policy disarray by the Trump administration. He further stated that if Trump insists on improving the relationship with Moscow, he would definitely fail.

Trump insists on better ties with Moscow

The U.S. President has consistently stated that he wants a better relationship with Moscow.

However, his administration has been plunged with controversies in the last six months of his presidency. As the congressional panels and the special counsel that are investigating the alleged interference by Russia in the 2016 U.S. election and possible collusion of Trump’s campaign and Russian officials in the last election gathers momentum, improved ties with Moscow would hardly scale through Congress.

Following the passage of the Russia sanctions legislation by Congress which limits the President’s veto to override, Trump grudgingly appended his signature on Wednesday but went ahead to criticize it as an infringement on his constitutional authority. He said he could reach a much better deal with foreign governments than Congress could.

As a retaliatory measure to the sanctions, President Vladimir Putin announced a sharp reduction of the U.S. diplomatic staff in Russia by 755 people and the confiscation of two buildings used by U.S. diplomats in Moscow.