On June 17, Michelle Long’s body was found floating in the pool outside her four-bedroom home, which she owned with her husband, Norman Long. Six-weeks later police arrested New Jersey-based Norman on Tuesday, July 1 at the couple’s home for the murder of his Wife, Michelle. According to Time report, Norman killed his wife in the house and then dumped her body in the pool and left to an Applebee’s restaurant for a takeout.

Once he came back home, he acted like he was the one to discover the body and called out for help. When help arrived, they took out the body from the pool and started giving Michelle CPR as they did not suspect that she was already dead.

What did the first responders notice?

Eyewitnesses told the press that when Norman was giving CPR to Michelle, he got weirdly aggressive, which did not seem correct to them. The body was then sent for autopsy, and that is when it came out that Michelle had died of a head and neck injury with some blunt force, deeming it was a homicide.

The charges against Norman

Norman was immediately arrested and charged with multiple criminal felonies. He had concealed major evidence by disposing of paper towels which contained Michele’s blood. These towels were found in the kitchen trash. Additional charges of obstructing the law was placed on him for throwing away major evidence and placing the victim’s Dead Body in the pool.

As soon as Long was arrested, he was sent to Ann Klein Forensic Centre for a mental evaluation as he was conveying suicidal thoughts during the time of his arrest. The authorities have not yet determined the motive behind the murder. Along with Michele’s dead body, a dead body of a small dog was also retrieved from the pool.

Michel and Norman were married for more than fifteen years and purchased the property where the murder took place in 2003. Before they shifted here, they lived in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Their home was currently put on sale for $650,000 after they filed for bankruptcy in April. They owned a company called Long Construction Co.

which was described as a family run business.

Brittany Maguire is the daughter of Michelle who has no biological connection to Norman seemed devastated after the whole incident. She told the press that her mother was the best and she thanked the police for doing justice to her mother’s killer. She was present at the press conference along with Michele’s stepfather. The Longs had filed for bankruptcy even in 2009.