George Wray, a 73-year-old man from Queens, passed away on Tuesday when a mysterious Package that he opened exploded in his hands. According to reports, a package was left on the porch of his house where he lived -- on 22nd Street in Springfield Gardens.

Although the package was not addressed to him, Wray decided to open it to see the contents of the box, as it had been lying there for several days, and none of the neighbors had claimed it. When he opened the package, it exploded in his hands, destroying a portion of house and burning Wray.

Opening the package

According to investigators working on the case, the package was a strange cylinder, 12x4 inches in size and placed in a clear plastic bag. It was left on the porch of the house for several days. NYPD chief Robert Boyce mentioned that the package was addressed to someone called "Mac", but nobody by that name lived in the house or in the neighborhood. As it turned out, the package contained a cardboard tube filled with black flash powder. Officials investigating the case said that flash powder is extremely explosive and the package was designed in a manner that the powder would explode due to the friction created while opening the package.

The moment Wray opened the mysterious package it exploded, engulfing him in flames.

A neighbor, Audrey Campbell said, "A big explosion, and when I looked up I saw a cloud of smoke. He was in shock, he wasn't yelling. Another neighbor brought a towel to put out the fire. His clothes were all gone — burned up."

Wray suffered severe second and third-degree burns all over his body. The man was rushed to Nassau University Medical Center where the doctors tried to treat the burns that covered 80% of his body, but in vain.

Wray passed away on Tuesday.

A case of homicide?

This shocking event has raised many questions. NYPD chief Boyce has admitted that it could be homicide. Investigation is still underway. "There is substantial evidence left from this device, which appears to be a victim-actuated device," he said.

According to the New York Post, it is possible that the package may have actually been intended for a blood gang member.

It only had one word written on it, "Mac" and no postal address. The New York Police department is currently being assisted by federal agents. Although the investigators claim that they have "many strong leads" to work with, they have still not gotten into the bottom of it.