Melania Trump seems to be practicing a trend set by Kate Middleton that was soon adopted by former First Lady Michelle Obama. The 47-year-old is an American fashion icon donning some of the most elegant pieces created by her favorite designers -- Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, and Valentino. Melania has the money to never repeat an article of clothing again in her life, but she's done it twice in her short time as the first lady.

Duchess' outfit recycling influencing America's first lady?

Perhaps Melania Trump is like most women when it comes to being partial to certain apparels.

Almost everyone wears the same clothes over and over, but famous figures aren't lumped into this category. It's part of the image they're pressured to uphold. Thanks to an influential woman like Kate Middleton, the Duchess Of Cambridge who's married to England's Prince William, recycling outfits is becoming the new norm for fashionable women. Kate started the trend years ago and with the latest dress repeat by Melania, people are taking notice. Is she taking a page out of Kate's book and making an effort to be relatable to the average American woman?

On Monday, for example, Melania Trump was pictured with East Wing interns. She was wearing the same white, sleeveless Michael Kors dress that she wore in May 2016 when her husband won the Indiana primary that elevated him to be the likely Republican nominee for president.

Back in February, Melania wore the same $2,950 red Valentino dress two days in a row. She first wore the piece during President Trump's signing of a bill that encourages girls to pursue careers in STEM fields, such as math, science, technology, and engineering.

She wore it again while visiting the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C. At the time she wasn't living at the White House full-time, so maybe she had to be practical during that visit and pack light.

Michelle Obama also repeated clothes

Michelle Obama repeated a green Michael Kors dress -- once at the White House and once more at a conference in New York.

The fact that her husband, Barack Obama, wore the same tuxedo for years as President of the United States wasn't even reported on until a few months ago. Goes to show how famous men and fashion is held to an entirely different standard in our culture.

Will the nation see more repeated wearing of the same clothes by First Lady Melania Trump? What would you like to see her in again?