Fans are getting antsy by the moment because John Cena will star in the much anticipated Transformers movie. This ‘bumblebee’ movie is a spinoff of the Transformers’ movie series and will hit theaters across the globe on the 21st of December next year.

The cast of the movie has already been unveiled after months of rumor about it. Along with the WWE star, John Cena is the “True Gritactor, Hailee Steinfeld. Ricardo Hoyos, Jason Drucker, Gracie Dzienny, and Jorge Lendeborg (“Spider-Man: Homecoming”) will also star in this Transformers spinoff.

A sneak peek of ‘Transformers’ spinoff

The synopsis of the Bumblebee movie: the groovy Bumblebee has found shelter in a local junkyard while he was on the run in the year 1987. For some time, Bumblebee stays in the Californian beach town. Meanwhile, as Charlie looks for her place in the world, she accidentally discovers Bumblebee damaged and battle-scarred. As soon as she revives Bumblebee, she then realizes that Bee is not-your-typical yellow VW bug.

The brilliant minds behind ‘Bumblebee’ movie

Travis Knight will be the director of the Bumblebee movie. In the previous year, Travis Knight also directed the movie “Kubo And The Two Strings,” which led to his Oscar nomination in the same year. Even though this is Knight's live-action debut, he has been acclaimed for a lot of movies like “Coraline,” “ParaNorman,” and “Boxtrolls.”

Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, the Transformers producer, told Screenrant in an interview that the Bumblebee movie would have a very different tone from the Transformers movie series.

According to Bonaventura, this Transformers spinoff is more intimate and a little similar to “Iron Grant” which is a movie he directed several years ago. And though this project is small in scale, it still deals with big social issues.

This movie, which features John Cena in an all-new character, is the first ever movie which Paramount aims to be a continuing spinoff in the universe of Transformers movies.

“Transformers: The Last Knight” is the latest of the Transformers franchise. It made a whopping $568.9 million worldwide, the lowest grossing movie of the franchise so far.

But with John Cena to star the Bumblebee movie, along with Hollywood superstars, both the movie’s producers and director are convinced that it will surpass the other films in the Transformers franchise. But spinoff or not, all Transformers movies are surely going to become a blockbuster.