Tech Company Verizon is currently investigating the identity of the man who wore the company gear during the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. The company that deals with wireless gadgets and communication has been silent about the recent march but, upon discovering that a man wore their identity at the rally, the firm could not just remain silent.

Verizon CEO to investigate the identity of a protester

The company CEO Lowell McAdam will oversee the internal probe as reported by the Huffington Post. He said that anti-social activities like these have no place in this country nor in his company.

He sent an e-mail to his employees. McAdam said that the incident was distressing. He did not share the image or the video of the said man. He stated in his e-mail that every Verizon employee should be proud to wear the company gear because it represents them to the world. “That’s why it’s distressing to learn that a man who marched with members of neo-Nazi groups and the KKK was wearing Verizon gear,” he said.

The company head has not commented about the Trump administration, except when he said that the U.S. president is unpredictable. McAdam appears to be a Clinton supporter, who was found out to have donated $2,700 to the election campaign fund.

The protest has been the center of all news both on print and on the Internet.

It became more prominent among Americans because of Donald Trump’s comments. The president said that some “very fine people” are among the protesters. Later, he did not condemn but defended the rallyists. But after much humiliation on Twitter, the president condemned the protesters.

One of the casualties reported was named Heather Heyer.

She died after one protester drove his car to the protesters. Tech companies have shown their support to counter-protesters. Google (owned by Alphabet) and GoDaddy banned The Daily Stormer (a neo-Nazi website) from its hosting services. CloudFlare, a web security provider, also dropped the site. Apple and Elon Musk’s company PayPal cancelled payments for protest supporters.

White polo shirts and khaki pants were chosen as the official rally attire

The protesters were required to wear white polo shirts to the rally, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter. One man who willingly and proudly wore the Verizon gear was spotted on a video. The white supremacists were condemned for their prideful display of hate inside the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville.