According to the Daily Caller, ISIS Islamic terrorists are escaping Mosul by the hundreds. They have come up with a plan to escape undetected. They have found that if they simply shave their beards, they can slip by security forces without a problem. Now, many jihadists have utilized this plan, and have escaped into the rest of the country. Iraqi special forces Lt. Gen. Sami Al-Aridi told Associated Press in an interview that they “blend in” with the other fleeing civilians and follow them out of Mosul.

However, not all of them escape unscathed. As reported by Sami Al-Aridi, Wednesday, they caught two trying to flee with some Women And Children.

But this is nothing compared to the hundreds who have fled. Sami Al-Aridi said that the Terrorists are headed to Syria, where they still have large parts of the country. Once there, they go back to business as usual, terrorizing the masses.

Progress report on the retaking of Mosul

Security forces have come a long way through Iraq. They cornered the ISIS members in Mosul last year. At the time, experts were saying that it may take years to retake Mosul. Now, it turns out that this prediction may be accurate. According to Reuters, even though ISIS only has about 600 yards of Mosul, that might as well be 600 miles. Experts say that the 600 yards may take months to clear.

The reason being, the Jihadists are using civilians as shields.

The search for ISIS Fighters is door to door now. They enter into a family’s home and threaten the family to remain silent. Frightened, the family remains silent and doesn’t report the criminals. Holding the children hostage in the home, the family is scared to say anything to security forces.This may seem like progress, but I believe things have gotten more difficult for security forces.

Now, not only do they have to find the terrorists, but they have to protect the families in the process.

Motorbike attacks

Reuters reports that the Jihadists are now using Motorbikes to attack unexpectedly. This also slows down progress. The attacks consist of gun attacks as well as suicide bombs and gas attacks. Sunday, police reported a toxic gas attack on security forces.

No casualties were reported, but the gas is a setback because it is hard to cover the areas hit by the gas.

The UN has reported that 12 civilians were treated for chemical attacks, including women and children. The world will be relieved when we no longer have to hear about the destructive wake that this abomination has left behind. This ideology is the cancer of the world. Yet other reports claim that the remaining terrorists are in other countries. We will never know how many sleeper cells there are embedded into the cultures of the world until the cells are commanded to commit terror attacks.

The ISIS situation is still not under control. I believe they are everywhere. We fight them in Iraq, but what about the sleeper cells in the West?

Are we fighting a losing battle? What happens when the sleeper cells are given orders? How many are there? These questions plague the experts because it is impossible to tell. What is your take on the situation in Mosul? Give us a comment below and let us know.