Millions of Americans looked as if they were watching a blockbuster film in the skies, as they geared themselves up with protective glasses to witness the August 21 total solar eclipse. The White House joined them in looking skyward to witness the momentous event, but with some interesting moments from the Trump family itself.

On Monday, the country witnessed the first coast-to-coast solar eclipse that has not been seen for around a century in what was dubbed as “The Great American Eclipse,” The Guardian reported. It began in the state of Oregon, where people lined up in camps and set up their cameras to capture the once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon.

The Total Solar Eclipse is when the moon’s shadow passes directly in front of the sun, creating a crown-like effect and dimming the Earth just like it is nighttime. It causes temperature drops and offers viewers with a 360-degree experience.

When the solar eclipse began in Oregon, The Guardian reported how onlookers cheered and shouted from the venue as the saw the sky dim. After a few moments, the passing by of the Moon ended, but the memories from that day were to be kept for a long time in their lives.

Ivanka teaches astronomy

The White House also participated in viewing “The Great American Eclipse.” Presidential daughter Ivanka Trump even tweeted a crash course about the total solar eclipse.

She posted graphics about the phenomenon and tweeted her own version of the event.

She wrote, “Wondering how it works? In a solar #eclipse, the moon passes between the sun & Earth & blocks all or part of the sun for up to about 3 hrs.” This tweet earned various responses from the rest of the social media sphere, and as usual, made sarcastic statements against the administration of her father, President Donald Trump.

Netizen Brook Lundy tweeted, “That’s longer than most White House employees last.” Another netizen posted a silhouette of Trump in front of what seemed to be the sun, comparing him to an eclipse that she was worried about.

Trump removes protective glasses

Trump went out and stood at the Blue Room Balcony with First Lady Melania Trump, and their son Barron during the time of the eclipse.

They were accompanied by White House officials, according to The Guardian.

The president at one point was shown looking at the skies with the protective glasses on, but there was also a point when he removed the glasses and glanced at the eclipse only with his naked eye. The report said he did this despite reminders from the staff not to look without the protective glasses.