There are some important things to do before the eclipse happens. Make sure you prepare wisely. Check to see if you are in the belt for the total eclipse. The eclipse belt reaches from Oregon all the way to South Carolina. The states the solar eclipse will fall over are Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina. Certain cities in each state will be able to view the total eclipse. Figure out if any cities are close to you and do not miss this wonderful opportunity. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

First, get your protective eye wear.

When you look at the sun for too long, you can damage your eyes. Before you view the eclipse, you will need to purchase eclipse glasses. Filters are put into eclipse glasses so that you do not damage your eyes as you look at the sun. Please get eclipse glasses that are guaranteed to work. Some glasses are made without the right filter to look at the sun, and it will hurt your eyes.

Second, remember the day!

August 21. That is the date to remember! Due to different time zones, be sure to check online for your exact location when it will occur. Make sure you know what time it starts because you don’t want to miss this.

Next, invite everyone you know!

The last Total Solar Eclipse happened June 8, 1918, over the United States.

Invite everyone you know: friends, parents, cousins, siblings, great uncles twice removed. Anyone! Allow anyone you know to experience this amazing event.

Do not forget this event! Take pictures, but do so carefully. If a camera does not have the correct lenses or filter, the sun can still hurt your eyes. Make sure your camera has a filter or a better setting to take pictures of the eclipse.

Also, don't let your camera overheat! Taking pictures of the sun can be dangerous if done wrong.

Finally, have a good time!

Wherever you might be, it may be crowded. Don't worry too much about the crowd, and enjoy yourself. Be careful with large groups. Keep your valuables and children safe. If you did travel to see the eclipse, help out local businesses.

In some areas, cities have asked vendors to come and promote their businesses because city councils expect a very big crowd. Feel free to explore what the city has to offer you and you might even want to return after the eclipse is over.

The total solar eclipse will be a great experience to tell your children and grandchildren. Do not miss it!