Ivanka Trump and her father Donald Trump’s detractors always find ways to throw shade at them and to insist on her father’s removal from the White House. Jared Kushner’s wife tweeted an explanation why eclipses occur but in return, she got some unexpected responses.

Ivanka Trump criticized onTwitter

Her Twitter account was flooded with replies that throw shade at her and the president. One user named Keith Victor posted a message that says she has to educate her father about the meaning of Nazis and not to educate netizens about eclipses.

One user did not even believe that Trump’s daughter knows about the phenomenon by heart but believes that she searched for it on the Internet.

Another user criticized Ivanka’s tweets as fake, tone-deaf, patronizing, and insulting.

Those who constantly oppose Donald Trump’s administration got a chance to have their lamentations and frustrations reach his family. A user named Rob DeLong frankly asked Trump’s daughter to demonstrate how impeachment works as reported by the Huffington Post.

Ivanka Trump tweets details of the solar eclipse

On August 18, Ivanka Trump posted about the upcoming total eclipse saying that the US will witness its first total Solar Eclipse since 1979 on Monday which will be seen in every state reports the Newsweek.

It is estimated that 7.4 million people will visit the places where the eclipse is most visible. As shared by Ivanka Trump, the eclipse will start at 10:15 am on the West Coast (Pacific Time) and ends on the East Coast at 2:45 Eastern Time or 11:45 am Pacific time.

NASA reported that the eclipse will begin at Lincoln City, Oregon and will end at Charleston, South Carolina.

The government agency informed that NASA will fund science projects that will happen during this once in a lifetime period of time. Some of the funded projects will be the varying luminosity of the sun and the relationship between surface temperatures and atmospheric changes as revealed by NASA astrophysicist Lika Guhathakurta.

The member of her father's staff whose well-meaning tweets were tainted with political hate were intended to inform and to educate but was received as an insult, as an opportunity to slam the first family, and to condemn her father's presidency.

Ivanka Trump is an adviser to her father on various issues affecting women and children. Her husband is the senior adviser of the 45th US president. The Kushners work in the White House has been criticized since the time they were appointed to their positions.