Several members of the First Family sent out greetings on social media to celebrate Independence Day on July 4. First Daughter and presidential assistant Ivanka Trump was no exception, as she also was met with harsh backlash from critics of the president.

Ivanka on 4th of July

When it became clear that Donald Trump was going to become the 45th President of the United States, speculation grew as to how critics would handle his presidency. During the first six months that the former host of "The Apprentice" has been in office, it's become clear that the partisan political divide among the American people has only gotten worse.

From the day Trump was sworn into office, protests and marches have taken place across the country, with millions calling for Trump to resign or be impeached. Trump's controversial policy proposals and executive orders have only furthered divided the country, which was evident with the reaction to his 4Th Of July tweet. Following the backlash to his social media post about Independence Day, First Lady Melania Trump also received criticism, which continued when Ivanka Trump shared her thoughts during a July 4 tweet.

As seen on her Twitter account on Tuesday night, Ivanka Trump did her best to acknowledge Independence Day on social media.

"Happy Independence Day!" Ivanka tweeted, before adding, "Grateful to those who fight for our freedoms and protect this great nation." As was the case following Donald and Melania Trump's tweets about the holiday, critics of the administration were quick to lash out.

Twitter responds

Not long after Ivanka Trump posted her 4th of July message to her Twitter feed, social media critics wasted no time giving their thoughts.

"Thank you, I'm certainly doing what I can to protect this great nation from your father. . . Oh, that's not what you meant. Is it?" Michael Grant tweeted back.

"Please stop.

You're neither a leader or a public servant. You are #complicit in the worst presidency in our nations history #traitor," one Twitter user wrote. "Let's start by protecting us from your dad," an additional tweeted added.

"This from a #PradaPrincess who comes from a family whose daddy dodged the draft and is taking Healthcare from Veterans.

Suck it, kid," another tweet went on to read. As the 4th of July came to a close, it became more than clear that the divide between the left and right in the United States was not going to end at any point in the near future.