The Zika Virus is one of the most feared virus outbreaks at the moment due to its ability to infect pregnant mothers and cause serious cognitive diseases in the unborn child. Since it is mainly spread through mosquito bites, some areas of the United States are more at risk than others. However, the disease can also be transmitted sexually, and thus added precautions must be taken.

Florida is one of the places in the country which is under the greatest threat from the Zika Virus, mainly due to the tropical weather conditions and the rampant still water deposits that are found across the state.

Health officials from the state have now confirmed that the first cases of Sexually Transmitted Zika in 2017 have now been detected in Florida, although there is no hint of the infection having been caused by mosquitoes in the state.

Disease transmitted sexually

The infection has hit a husband and wife in Pinellas County of Florida, health officials confirmed on Tuesday, August 1. The husband traveled to Cuba recently, and it is being believed that he picked up the virus there. He then came back to his Florida residence and unknowingly transmitted the disease on to his wife during sexual intercourse.

Health officials also warned mosquito control to begin the procedures for better mosquito reduction activities.

It is vital that mosquitoes do not bite the infected individuals, as these creatures then become the carriers of the disease and are free to spread the infection to other healthy individuals. However, the health department has also warned the public to take proper precautions, not only about mosquitoes but also about the fact that the virus can be spread sexually.

These precautions become necessary if someone or their partner has visited an area currently under the grip of a Zika outbreak. The health department also ensured that it would regularly update people with the list of places that may be dangerous to travel to due to the rampant Zika infections. Till now, Zika has infected 118 people in Florida in 2017.

Only one known case of local Zika infection has been reported so far, however.

Symptoms of Zika

Zika can cause mild fever, rash, and joint pain in some, while others may not show any outward signs of the Virus infection at all. However, Zika is the most dangerous for the pregnant mothers and their unborn babies. In such cases, the child may suffer from severe defects that are diagnosed after birth. This is why Zika is one of the most devastating diseases to hit the country.