The City Of Chicago is suing the trump administration for its failure to make good on public safety grants. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is threatening to curtail safety grant funds for all cities that fail to provide "unlimited access" to their jails by federal immigration authorities and/or to notify such authorities 48 hours prior to the release of alleged immigration law violators. In the past, the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) also threatened to file suit against the Trump Administration over its much-debated immigration policy.

First Lady could be deported

The Trump Administration's anti-immigration policy is so strict that its tentacles even extend to Melania Trump. Because of a clause in the Administration's policy that requires that immigrants be deported for even the slightest, "immaterial mistake" on their paperwork, the First Lady technically could be deported. Melania Trump, in her U.S. visa paperwork, failed to disclose her earnings. A precedent for Melania Trump's deportation recently was established when a female immigrant from Syria inadvertently failed to list her husband's military service in her paperwork.

Mayor Emanuel responds

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel responded to Sessions' plan to deny the public safety grants to Chicago.

Emanuel described Sessions as using the police officers of Chicago as "political pawns." Emanuel made it emphatically clear that he will not allow Sessions or other officials of the Trump Administration to violate citizens' "fundamental rights." According to The Huffington Post, Emanuel emphasized that Chicago "will not relinquish our status as a welcoming city."

California considering similar lawsuit

Although Chicago's lawsuit will be the first one to challenge the Justice Department over its misallocation of funds under the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grants Program, which was created to help cities with high murder rates, the State of California is considering filing a similar lawsuit.

According to the Sacramento Bee, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is likely to file suit against the Justice Department, also because of the Department's mishandling of the Byrne Grants Program funds. The cities of San Francisco and Santa Clara, both in California, already have filed lawsuits challenging the Trump Administration's denial of federal fund allocations because of their status as sanctuary cities.