Much of the fallout from the events in Charlottesville, Virginia has been with the nation trying to contend with the President's failure to defend American values against Nazism. Despite this problem - thanks to a documentary by Vice News titled: "Charlottesville: Race and Terror," the University of Virginia has reportedly been working to bring justice to the victims of the racist violence in Charlottesville. They issued warrants for at least one of the self-proclaimed white nationalists at the rally - Christopher Cantwell.

Warrants for Neo-Nazi and conflicting statements

The warrants issued were for two counts of the illegal use of teargas which he was seen using against counter-protesters and one count of bodily injury, which are considered felonies. Cantwell said in a viral video that he believed warrants for his arrest were being issued and that he feared that he might be killed by the "communists" if he were to turn himself in. He also said that the police were corrupt, before Cantwell would later make conflicting statements saying that he would turn himself in immediately. He then changed it again to say that he was in hiding and that he would turn himself in when he decided it was a good time to do so.

Cantwell claims 'leftist' enemies

The white nationalist was also seen in a popular documentary by Vice News that covered the "Unite the Right" rally from the night of August 11 where a large group of alt-right protesters were carrying Tiki-torches protesting the removal of a Confederate statue of General Robert. E. Lee. They also clashed with counter-protesters that night before they would again do so the next day.

The white nationalist claimed self-defense for his use of teargas against attacks by counter-protesters. He said he was right to be prepared. Cantwell claimed his self-defense was lawful as he was not going around spraying innocent people and then blamed counter-protesters - who he refers to as communists - as those who were using teargas on innocent people.

Neo-Nazi tries to act innocent

The blame against the Left is a typical tactic that has been used by extremist right-wing groups who have manufactured the perception that they are innocent creatures without flaw, who have to do everything from being heavily-armed in public, to swinging torches at counter-protesters. One of them even used a vehicle to run over those counter-protesters, injuring 19 and killing one. After those incidents, members of those hate groups have not only continued to blame their opposition but also applauded the death of counter-protester Heather Heyer.

That rhetoric was further enforced by President Trump who tried to establish equivalency of violence to both sides when he made public statements.

Christopher Cantwell claimed that an attorney he initially got to defend him had dropped his case and he has since gotten new counsel. Prior to him turning himself over to the police, it was reported that Cantwell's social media and dating site presence had been rejected by the sites. The Neo-Nazi was denied bond and is scheduled for a hearing date in October.