Will Camilla Parker Bowles hold the title of "Queen" after Prince Charles inherits the throne as king? According to a new report, it's likely by Charles' rebellious nature. Speculations have swirled for years about Camilla's title once her husband becomes king. There have been polls the British have taken in regards to whether they'd be comfortable with her being "Queen" or "Princess Consort." The majority express that queen isn't the title Camilla should have.

Prince Charles to nix royal protocol?

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles got married in 2005 after keeping their relationship discreet following the death of Princess Diana in 1997.

Out of sensitivity, she was to be known as the "Duchess of Cornwall," and not "Princess of Wales," as Diana was. As the years went on, the public slowly warmed up more to Camilla, but she's still not a popular royal figure. However, she's not as controversial as she once was, either.

What will Camilla's title be when Charles is king? Author Sally Bedell Smith told People magazine that she thinks Charles will nix the protocol of British nobility and give Parker Bowles the title of "Queen" when he's king. It's unclear in the established guidelines if her title should be promoted to "Queen" when Charles takes the throne, but Bedell Smith believes he'll make that move despite it. She further explained that the couple "fudged" common law and conventional protocol when they got married.

Many experts familiar with royal rules and procedures concur that Camilla Parker Bowles is entitled to be Queen.

Any title below "Queen" considered "inferior."

As Bedell Smith further noted, for Camilla to hold the title of "Princess Consort," it would imply inferiority. Additionally, Queen Elizabeth has fully embraced her son's wife into the royal fold and has bestowed on her honorary titles, such as Privy Council last year.

It's hard to know what Charles will do when he's king. He's always been in love with Camilla and sees her as his equal in his life. If it's in his power to elevate her status to "Queen," it's probable he'll do just that. Those who blame her for the breakdown of Charles and Diana's marriage will protest such a decision. Many also know how happy Charles has been with Camilla and the couple has remained scandal-free as husband and wife. When Charles is king, he'll likely want the public to respect his wife as his equal in the royal title.

How do you feel about Camilla Parker Bowles holding the title of "Queen"?