Another day, another Donald Trump controversy.

After Trump claimed that the head of the Boy Scouts praised him for the speech he delivered in the Boy Scouts National Jamboree through a call, the organization has issued a statement saying that they are “unaware” of such a call taking place.

Time reports that the organization has not owned up to Trump’s claim, choosing not to get involved in politics. “The Chief Scout Executive’s message to the Scouting community speaks for itself,” referring to a statement from the organization’s national head Michael Surbaugh that was released on July 27.

Wall Street Journal Interview

The news of Trump’s claim began spreading when Politico obtained the full transcript of the President’s interview with the Wall Street Journal last July 25. In the same interview, he also called his son-in-law a “good boy.”

He also drew praises to the paper’s editor-in-chief Gerard Baker for the positive editorial that was released about Jared Kushner.

It was also said that Ivanka Trump dropped by during the interview as she was heard saying hello to Baker in a familiar back and forth, with topics including from political to personal like travel and golf.

The Wall Street Journal never released a copy of the full transcript, choosing to post a few excerpts only. In fact, deputy editor-in-chief Matt Murray warned the newspaper staff not to leak a copy as it would violate the paper’s commitment to not breaking breach of trust.

That has not stopped copies from circulating in multiple newsrooms in New York and Washington.

Jamboree Speech Controversies

According to the Independent UK, Surbaugh also apologized to all member of the Scouting community in the speech mentioned above after the outrage and uproar of concerned parents caused by Trump’s politically-charged speech in the event.

He pointed that the Boy Scouts of America has always taken a nonpartisan stance on issues and the invitation to POTUS was only to accommodate a long-standing tradition of inviting sitting Presidents to their Jamboree.

It can be recalled that in his speech, the president became even more agitated in his condemnation of the media.

He also threatened to fire several federal employees and even criticized former President Barack Obama for failing to attend a Jamboree.

He bragged about his victory in last year’s election and slammed Hillary Clinton as well. In his decision to discuss partisan politics in his speech, he became the first President in 80 years to not talk about citizenship and diplomacy.