In an unfortunate incident, a 13-year-old Boy succumbed to death just five months after receiving a Heart transplant surgery. Peyton West died on Thursday, August 17, the first day of his new school year. Before leaving home, the 13-year-old was all smiles and even posed for a picture on his front porch. West’s parents stated Peyton was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Peyton underwent three open heart surgeries before his fifth birthday and his condition relapsed in March this year.

Teen undergoes heart transplant

In March, Peyton’s condition deteriorated and doctors stated that only a heart transplant could correct it.

Since the relapse of Peyton’s condition, his parents ran a Facebook page chronicling his journey. The Facebook page showed that the family had to face occasional hurdles, such as an increase in hospital visits, management of the medication given to Peyton, and also an initial scare where it was suspected that the donated heart was rejected by the teenager’s body post-surgery. The heart transplant, however, was successful and the teen seemed to be in good spirits.

Boy lives for five months after transplant

Peyton was fine on Thursday, August 17, before he headed off to school. According to Corey West, Peyton’s father, the boy woke up at 6:30 in the morning for school and even posed for a picture with his red backpack, which was slung over his shoulder, before heading off to school

Regardless of the positive beginning on the morning of his first day back at school, Peyton stated that he did not feel right during the car ride.

He also complained to his father that something was wrong. The family is still not clear as to what exactly happened with Peyton. As soon as he reported feeling sick, the teen was rushed to the Children’s Hospital, where he died at 10:45 a.m. Corey stated that his son was “perfect” the night before and even in the morning.

Following the untimely death, his family and friends held a prayer vigil on August 17.

All the attendees said that Peyton was courageous and cheerful even during his struggle with heart problems. According to Corey, Peyton received the heart belonging to late Derek Cisneros. Despite their grief, Peyton’s parents have praised the charities that promote organ donation. They also stated that Cisneros' heart helped their boy live and enjoy at least five months of his life, which he would not have had otherwise. Peyton’s parents are ready to donate the organs of their son so that it can help other children in need.